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Chromotel XGS Chrome Tanning Agent dry inorganic

Chromotel XGS
Chrome Tanning Agent dry inorganic

TU 4118-002-05762312-02
Code according to the Classification of Goods of Foreign Economic Activity 2833230000

Appearance: powder of green color.
Type: belongs to inorganic compounds as the reduction process of dichromate solutions goes with the help of sulfur dioxide (sulfurous gas).
Used in: tanning and fur industry for leather and fur tanning.

Specification Guaranteed Factual
Total mass fraction of chromium in conversion to Cr203 min 25% 25,5-26%
Basicity 33 +/- 1% 33%
Total mass fraction of water–insolubles, max 0,07% 0,03%
Water solubility at t°C 20-25, min 98% 99%
FeO content, max 0,02% 0,02%
Mass fraction of chrome in conversion Cr6+ absent absent


- Polypropylene/paper bags of 25 kg net each on pallets shrink wrapped;
- Disposable big-bag of 600 kg net.