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    Novochrom Limited was founded on 10th of October in 2002.
    Novochrom Limited is a constantly developing company. It orients on a very long and professional business with its clients in the field of such product as Chrome Tanning Agent dry modified (Chromotel XGS).
NOVOCHROM Limited     In 2013 Novochrom Limited started production of new products:
- Vitamin K3 MSB (menadione sodium bisulfite) and MNB (menadione nicotinamide bisulfite) are used to produce premixes and compound feeds for the purpose of enrichment of diets of agricultural animals, including poultry;
- Sodium Sulphide for industrial use GOST 596-89 is used in production of colorants, tanning and textile industry as well as in non-ferrous metal industry;
- Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite GOST 5644-75 is used in tanning, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
SCRUBBER     The History of manufacture began in Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds, which was formed in 1993 in accordance with the technology of restoration of chromium hydrochloric through the sugar solutions. Taking into consideration the tanners’ requirements about quantity of the product, Novochrom Limited made such specifications as Basicity (min, max), minimal Total mass fraction of water-solubles, minimal FeO content more stable. The packing was also gone through improvements, and now the product can be put into the polypropylene bags, paper bags with or without plastic liner and into the so-called big bags. These facts made the product of Novochrom Limited capable for the competition on the market on the territory of Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand.
    The strong competition from the side of European companies (Bayer AG, Volpkea Montan WachsGmbH) was the reason for creating the new line of technology. This technology consists of the restoration of Chromium solutions with the help of sulfur dioxide (sulfurous gas).
PACKING MASHINE     In the meantime Novochrom Limited is a producer of Chrome Tanning Agent dry of high quality, the keeping period of which is rather long. The new machines for producing are fully automatic and operated with the help of one computer by one operator.
    To provide the clients by the capacity of the product they need a special german line for packing was arranged, the speed of which is 8 tons per 1 hour.
    The production of Chrome Tanning Agent dry of high quality promotes the improvements of technology of leather law material’s remaking. The quality of leather could be better and the factory’s expenses – less.

    The activity of Novochrom Limited is closely connected with the provision of chemical raw material of high quality for leather industry in any country. We always worry about our clients, penetrate into their problems, suggest some kinds of service (to make a special order according to the quantity and quality, packing), and the client also could choose the place of destination.